Don’t let the phrases “eat organic” and “avoid GMOs” settle quietly into the every expanding hum of your life’s background noise. I am guilty of this. Everything I read, all the people in the nutrition/medical world that I respect and follow through books and social media talk endlessly about the health benefits of organic foods and the still mostly unknown consequences of eating GMOs. It’s just part of my daily life. It’s turned into a steady hum, a comfortable hum, you know, something that I go “yeah, yeah, I know, I know”.  I love it when someone or something comes along and reminds me why “eat organic” and “avoid GMOs” is part of my daily life and why it’s important. The following TedX talk does just that. It pulls organic foods and GMOs out of the background and zeros in on why knowing the health benefits of organic foods and the potential dangers of GMOs is so important. Choice. We need to be educated in order to make good choices, increase consumer demand and enact change.


The talk is 18 minutes long. Please find the time to watch, it will be worth it.


Eat Well, Feel Good, Have Fun!

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