Sorry for the silence. I am actually feeling a bit overwhelmed with school work. I never thought I would be saying that at this point in my life. Yesterday it all kind of hit me and I actually crawled back into bed and under the covers, I couldn’t function, I was a bit paralyzed by my to-do list. It was pretty funny when I realized that is exactly what I used to do in college when I became overwhelmed by my workload.   I had my little 1/2 hour pity party, pretending I was tired and just needing to sleep and then got up and recommitted, just as I used to do in college. I can’t say that I’ll have any extensive posts in the near future but “blog post” is on my list – I have tons I want to write about it’s just a time issue. So, for now here’s a quick “share”.

Here is a link to an interesting article that I read this morning. I was going to just “share” on my facebook page but I’m not sure how many people actually see my facebook page and this article is worth passing along. The title of the article is The Grocery Store Blacklist: 12 Food Companies to Avoid (and 95 sneaky Aliases), you can find the full article here on the Occupy Monsanto web page.

The article has an extensive (very sad) list of companies, and specific products to avoid. They do state that not every company on the list contains GMOs but that those non-GMO items participate in “duplicitous marketing”. Here’s a quote:

Not every item on this list contains genetically modified ingredients. The list is based on the duplicitous marketing of the companies.  More consumers are trying to make healthy choices at the grocery stores, but it’s difficult when companies push their toxic wares and dress them up as health food. Young people in particular fall victim to these schemes.  You have to give a kid credit for purchasing something called “Vitamin Water” over a soda pop, and it’s infuriating that the kid, trying to make a good choice, has been tricked into the purchase by deceitful advertising and marketing.

The list also calls out companies that are “quietly owned subsidiaries” of the big companies that control/own almost all of the food we buy in the U.S. by showing the amount of money that the big companies and their quiet subsidiaries donated in order to defeat the GMO labeling proposition in California

I have to say, I was surprised by some of the foods listed, not the companies but some of the individual products. For example, I was unaware that Coca Cola owned Smart Water. Such a bummer. I never put much thought into who owned Hebrew National, turns out it is Con-Agra. Horizon milk is on the list. I did know Kashi was owned by a big company but it still makes me sad to see it on the list. It looks like most of the bottled water we all buy is on the list, very sad. Even Naked Juice is on the list.

The good news is, there is a whole list of companies that currently do not have ties to the giant food corporations. If you are going to be buying anything processed/packaged this is a good list to acquaint yourself with.

The final piece of goodness/gadgetry is, did you guess… There’s an APP for this! I haven’t tried it but I am planning to. If you are interested the app is called BUYCOTT. You can use it on an IPhone now, the Android version is coming soon. Based on the info. you can use the app to scan a product you are thinking of buying and it will show you what corporate links the product has.

This article may not interest everyone but if you are trying to avoid GMOs and the companies that seem to control the food industry/policy it might be worth a look.

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4 Responses to GMOs and The Grocery Store Blacklist

  1. amyd commented on The Simplicity of Wellness:

    Hi Amy! I totally understand what you are going through. I pray you ease up on yourself some and know what a blessing you are and what a difference you are making!!! I’m sure we are all ok with the wait until you are ready to write again – take care of you!

    To the post, I am really “afraid” to look at this list. I try to buy mostly things that don’t have a package, but still, even that is not fool-proof. I sometimes feel like “what’s left to eat?”. But I know my Creator didn’t intend for me to starve (at least not at this point in time!), and that He provides. Thank you for sharing this with us! God bless!

  2. amyd says:

    Uh-oh, I can’t get through on the link, message states “Error establishing a database connection”. Is it just me?

  3. Thank you. All seems to be getting back to normal. Just had to organize some travel plans on top of the normal stuff and that was just enough to throw my balance off ; )

  4. I just tried the link, it is working. Hopefully you got it to work.

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