Well, summer is just about over. My daughter is tucked in at college and my son has started his junior year of high school. It was a great summer, busy, busy, busy. I had a great time running around with my kids and finishing up two more of my nutrition classes. I spent the summer really digging into macro and micro nutrients. I’m sorry to see the summer come to an end but I’m happy to get back to a normal schedule and start incorporating what I learned about micronutrients – vitamins and minerals into my lifestyle.

It’s possible that I’ve mentioned before that I am terrible at taking vitamins. Actually, I’m terrible at taking any kind of pill. I’ve never been good at swallowing pills. I know, pretty lame but it’s true. I have no idea why nor do I have any idea how to get better at it. You’d think the more pills I take, the better I’d get, but sadly, no. Anyway, that leads me to the admission that I have never taken vitamins, not even prenatal vitamins (I know, I’m a horrible person – if I had it to do over I would take them, I promise!). That horrible admission leads me to my next point – nutrition through food. I have always been very, very good at rationalizing my choices. For example, I have never needed to take vitamins or supplements because I get all that my body needs from my food. I have been a big believer in that idea my whole life and while my nutrition classes started to chip away at my confidence in this idea I have continued to hold steady until now.

I no longer believe that I can get what my body needs just from the food I eat and I eat relatively good food – organic fruits and vegetables, organic pasture raised meats and eggs, wild caught fish, seeds, nuts, healthy fats, and aged raw milk cheeses.

The two nutrition classes that I took over the summer convinced me that I do need to supplement with a high quality multivitamin and some additional minerals. I haven’t completely worked out my personal supplement plan yet but I’m closing in on it. A vitamin and supplement plan will change according to age and other environmental factors so no plan should be set in stone. I will be happy once I dial in a good plan for this time in my life and will continue to tweak that plan as life intervenes.

The biggest problem I have with vitamin and mineral supplements is the lack of “wow”. I start to take something, I don’t notice a difference so after a few days I stop. Yes, I did say “a few days”, certainly less than a week. DUMB. That’s not long enough to notice anything never mind life altering health. My other problem is, I feel pretty good. That’s the one factor that has always led me to believe I was getting everything I need from my food. So, what really changed? I still feel pretty good and I still choke on pills (at least twice a week – gag).

Here’s what changed:

  • I feel pretty good but how do I know “pretty good” isn’t miles from GREAT. I’d like to feel GREAT (I can’t help but picture Tony The Tiger)!
  • The nutrition software that I have for my class (and future business) tracks every vitamin and nutrient you can think of.
  • The information I learned about Recommended Daily Allowances (RDA), Optimum Daily Intake (ODI) and Suggested Optimal Daily Nutritional Allowances (SONA) suggested that I was deficient in just about all vitamins and minerals. Sadly, my nutrition software confirmed this.
  • I learned a lot about what all the different vitamins and minerals do in the body and how they work synergistically so a deficiency in one causes a whole lot of problems with the others.
  • The stuff that vitamins and minerals do is amazing and I want to have all that I need so my body works like the finely tuned machine that it is, which will optimize my health and help me avoid the diseases and problems associated with aging.
So, there you have it. Are vitamins and minerals a magic bullet? I don’t know. A lot of people seem to think so when combined with a healthy, whole food diet. In any case, I’m willing to give it a try (for real). While I may not notice a “wow” factor I am willing to believe that there is a “wow” factor it’s just happening behind the scenes.
I have been taking my vitamins and additional mineral supplements for the last two weeks (huge for me) and currently I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon. This morning I decided to cook up a batch of Magic Mineral Broth. I wrote a post about Magic Mineral Broth a long time ago. It’s great stuff and full of vitamins and minerals. It’s tasty and it’s NOT a pill. Adding Magic Mineral Broth to my diet is an easy way to sneak extra vitamins and minerals in. If you haven’t tried it yet now is a great time. It’s super easy! Here’s my post about Magic Mineral Broth and here is the recipe by Rebecca Katz.
My next post will explain the RDA’s, DRI’s and SONA’s and go into a little more detail about why I don’t believe people in the United States can get all their necessary vitamins and minerals from the food they eat. I’ll also gives some information on how to shop for “high quality” vitamins and supplements.
Eat Well, Feel Good, Have Fun

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  1. Nanny says:

    It’s time to cook up a good broth – Magic Mineral sounds perfect.

  2. amy says:

    I’m having some with my breakfast right now. It’s so good. I haven’t had it in a while and forgot how tasty it is!

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