Final episode in the 7 part series, The Skinny on Obesity.

Drugs, Cigarettes, Alcohol… and Sugar?

If you have time, go to the Youtube page for the video and read the comments. I think they are good. I don’t think sugar needs to be regulated/taxed the way alcohol and tobacco are. I do think we, as a country need to be more educated about the dangers of sugar. One comment mentioned trans-fats and how a little bit of education changed the tide. Hopefully that will happen with sugar.

I will say, sugar is tough. I know how bad it is. I read about it everyday and I still can’t stop myself from indulging now and then. I’m convinced that I’m a total sugar addict. If and when I do indulge it’s really, really hard to stop. The craving/want for yummy treats stays with me for DAYS. I am having a particularly hard time right now. The only thing I can think of that is setting me off is fruit. Fruit is soooooooo good right now. Really sweet and juicy. Unfortunately, the sweet fruit gets my sugar cravings humming and then I’m looking for other sweet things. Bad, bad, bad.

I guess the first step is recognizing the problem or in this case the weakness.

Eat Well, Feel Good, Have Fun

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