I spend a lot of time suggesting ways to eat well and feel good. I have decided I need to add more “Have Fun” topics.

I came across this great idea on a website called TheMommiesMadeMeDoIt. It’s a giant bag filled with water that you can play on, keep cool without getting all wet. Sounds weird but it looks really cool (no pun intended).

Not only does this look fun but it sounds really easy to make and inexpensive.


  • Clear Plastic Sheeting (can get at Home Depot or Lowes in Paint Aisle – 250 sq. ft. rolls)
  • Duct Tape
  • Food Coloring


  1. Buy the sheeting. You can use one 250 sq. foot roll or you can use both (two rolls come in a bag). If you use one you fold it in half and tape up the other three sides. If you go giant and use two you tape up all four side.
  2. Fill with your garden hose.
  3. Add food coloring if you want the water to be colored.
  4. Probably don’t want to leave in the yard for more than a day or two because it will kill the grass. You can probably empty it and then put it aside and use again the next day but I wouldn’t stash if for too long because it might get moldy. I guess you could untape it and let the plastic dry. You’ll figure it out.

Head over to  TheMommiesMadeMeDoIt for more pictures and ideas. I haven’t been through the whole blog but I bet there are other really fun ideas.

Here are a couple of pictures from TheMommiesMadeMeDoIt site. I think these pictures give a good idea of what kind of fun you’re in for.

Have Fun!!!

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