I’m working on my Sugar & Vegetable Oil Post but for now I only have a shameless request. I have created a facebook fan page for Simplicity of Wellness. I’m trying to get my “likes” to 30 (sad to admit I’m trying to hit so low a number). Once my “likes” hit 30 facebook allows me (admin) access to something. Anyway, if you haven’t “liked” my facebook page and you do in fact like my facebook fan page if you would hit the “like” button over on the right hand column of this blog I would really appreciate it.

I try to “share” interesting things that I find on the internet on the Fan Page. Things that aren’t really worthy of a whole post but are pretty neat. If you haven’t seen it yet, I did put up a very cool Milk app. You open the page and it gives you information on how to find the code on your milk carton. You put that code into a field on the page and it will tell you where your milk came from. Pretty neat. My carton of milk from Trader Joe’s came from Minnesota.


Take care and remember to Simplify


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