One of the reasons I consider myself a little more “Primal” than “Paleo” is chocolate. Mark Sisson of the Primal BluePrint likes chocolate too. Dark, rich chocolate. I don’t treat myself often but when I do it’s usually with chocolate.

Yup, I ate that. Last night in fact. It was good. Too good. I ate the whole thing. You may notice that it is a small bar only 1.2 oz. I usually buy the regular size bar and eat it with my husband over several evenings for dessert. Most of the time I try not to have it in the house. If it’s in the house I WILL EAT IT.

Yesterday I was at Whole Foods. They carry Green & Black Organic Chocolate. It’s hard to find. I get it there and our little local Walgreens. Anyway, I have never tried their flavored chocolates. We usually just eat the 85% dark. The other night we actually melted some and then dipped fresh banana slices into it. That was a yummy dessert.

This little Maya Gold bar was SOOOOOO good. In the past I was a big fan of those Chocolate Oranges that come out around the holidays. My daughter still is a big fan. I don’t think it’s the best chocolate. It’s certainly not organic. This little Maya Gold Bar by Green & Black is a grown up version of the chocolate orange. It’s got a little bite. Not bad. The description is Dark Chocolate with Orange & Spice Flavors. It’s delicious.

The problem, maybe it’s too good? The flavor had me going back for more and then more and then why not just finish it! Thank goodness I bought the little one. Unfortunately I decided to buy a few other Green & Black bars while I was at it. Why not taste test. Not smart. At least not smart for me. I bought our usual 85% dark chocolate bar. I bought the Hazelnut & Currant dark chocolate bar (that will be amazing, I just know it) and I bought the Ginger Dark Chocolate bar.

The Ginger Dark Chocolate bar looked interesting. It’s Dark Chocolate (not as dark only 60% – that doesn’t really count as Dark Chocolate in my book but whatever) with “the sweet warmth of crystallized ginger”. Of course I had to just TASTE it. It’s good. Very interesting. Again, the added flavor made me go back for more. I did stop and put most of it away for another day (probably today).

Flavored Dark Chocolate is not good for me. I am a sugar addict. It doesn’t take much to set me off. The really dark chocolate seems to be o.k. but the chocolate with the added flavor is just a little bit sweeter. Sweet enough to get me going. I have to be really careful. Once I start it’s hard to stop and then I have to suffer through several days of going cold turkey with sugar to turn off the cravings. Not fun and not worth it.

If you are interested in trying some yummy organic chocolate go out and get some Green & Black. You won’t be disappointed.

The ingredients in the Organic 85% Dark Chocolate bar are: Organic Chocolate, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Cocoa, Organic Raw Cane Sugar, Organic Vanilla Extrat and Organic Whole Milk Powder.

No Soy Lectin. I try not to buy any Soy of any kind so I avoid Soy Lectin in chocolate. That isn’t easy to do. Here’s a link about soy lectin.

Eat Well, Feel Good, Have Fun


4 Responses to Let’s Talk Chocolate

  1. Andrea says:

    Ooh, I like talking chocolate.

  2. amy says:

    Me too! I’m always trying new brands. I keep coming back to the Green & Black’s organic. The only problem I find is once it’s open you either have to eat it all or you have to seal it up really tightly. If it’s not sealed tightly the next time you eat it the taste is gone and it’s kind of waxy. Blah.

  3. Sylvia says:

    I keep the Green & Black’s 85% in the fridge to stop it going waxy and sometimes melt it down, add some coconut oil, cinammon, mixed spice and orange zest – not as good as Maya Gold, but pretty close!

  4. amy says:

    The Fridge! Sometimes I feel like such a dunce. I have kept other chocolate in the fridge don’t know why I didn’t put this in there. I’m going to try your melt down mix. It sounds delicious.

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