A Gift Certificate for a shave at The Art of Shaving! I know you can get a shave at the barber. At least I think you still can. I guess I really don’t know. What I do know is you can get a shave at The Art of Shaving store. I believe it’s $35. Probably not something you would want to do everyday but as a gift it would be a nice little luxury.

I find men hard to buy gifts for. This may only be the men in my life but probably not. I guess what I mean is, it’s hard to find something unique. This is kind of unique. Not an everyday kind of thing. A little pampering is good for the soul.

I can’t say that I discovered this store. My husband did. He is on a mission to never again buy a razor that requires blades that continue to get more and more expensive. He’s moving back in time. He’s now using the “safety” razor from the Art of Shaving. You may recognize this razor. All the Dads had a razor like this back in the 50’s, 6o’s and maybe even through the 70’s. I know my Dad did. My husband is loving it. It takes a little getting used to (his words) but it’s worth it. You get a really close shave (my words).

The Art of Shaving is a luxury store. They have some really nice stuff. If you are looking for something a little different they just might have what you need.

You can buy their goodies on-line. If you want a shave you have to find a store. You can look at their retail locations here.

If you have any other unique guy gift ideas please share in the comments section. Thanks for all your help.

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